Bid Energy Group is a full-service energy management and consulting firm. We specialize in formulating strategies to manage energy costs for Property managers and business owners in the most efficient and economical manner.

Since 2011, Bid Energy Group has been satisfying customers – residential and commercial – via our philosophy of empowering our customers to choose for themselves the appropriate products at the best rates for their individual needs. Bid Energy Group is there for each customer, every step of the way, to advise, guide and ensure top-rate energy solutions at rock-bottom prices.

Bid Energy Group offers an array of additional services as well, including lighting solutions, solar energy systems, efficient water and boiler options and similar services. Bid Energy’s quest is to assist our customers in as many ways as possible, to maximize their energy efficiency while minimizing their out-of pocket expenses.

With Bid Energy Group there are no hidden fees, no expired contracts, and no catches. Everything is done with perfect integrity with one simple goal in mind: Empower our customers to utilize their collective buying power to get the most competitive rates on the market.

Bid Energy Group believes in transparency so that every customer will be able to make informed decisions based on a full analysis of historical data, market trends, transparent bidding and other applicable variables. We proactively analyze each property’s unique needs before presenting sound financial recommendations so customers can continuously be confident that they are receiving the most cost-effective energy products, every time.



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