In recent years, water rates have surged, causing multifamily owners to scramble to find a way to reduce their water utilities costs.

Bid Energy Group provides the perfect solution with the new proprietary technology Flow Management System. The Flow Management System is a customized solution that will help you control your water flow and bring more efficiency to your water usage.

By taking control of your flow, our device will reduce the volume of any wasteful habits and result in more accurate consumption measurement. Every facility poses a unique challenge and we have had great success over the years in providing custom solutions to our clients. This proven technology has evolved and can now be applied to many different industries.

How it works

Water travels through a maze of pipes and fixtures from your water provider’s distribution system to your facility or home. Through this maze your water flows through many different sized pipes, creating friction and obstructions that generate miniscule amounts of air, resulting in bubbles.

Since Commercial water meters cannot effectively measure turbulent water, they end up measuring too much and charging you for more than you have actually used. The Bubbles create more volume in the pipe and the meter can’t differentiate between water and air flowing through the pipes.

The Flow Management System recognizes the minuscule amount of air, and reduces the turbulence by breaking the air into smaller particles through an oscillation process. This fragmentation procedure allows the water meter reading to be more accurate, thus correcting your billable consumption and lowering your utility charges.

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