Imagine Getting Paid
To Curtail Your Energy Use!

Demand/Response allows energy users of all kinds to curtail their usage during peak capacity times, adding stability to the electricity grid by lowering their demand for electricity. Participants in Demand/Response programs get paid for providing Demand/Response capacity.

Many facilities participate in Demand/Response by switching to backup generation, thereby reducing demand on the grid. Depending on the type of program, participants may be affected just once or twice per year for a few hours each time.

Bid Energy Group works closely with Demand/Response providers to identify ways for facilities to participate in the program without affecting business operations, comfort, or product quality. Demand/Response participation may include turning off lighting, air conditioning, pumps and other non-essential equipment.

If your business can temporarily reduce its demand for electricity on the hottest days of the year you should consider enrolling in the program.  This can generate substantial revenue for your business while helping to keep the grid system reliable and reduce emissions.

Call now to find out how Demand/Response can work for you.

Demand/Response: The Responsible and Economical Response!

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