Residential and commercial customers can take advantage of clean renewable solar energy that is available on the market today.

Residential Solar System

With today’s rising electric rates, paying the monthly electric bill can be a heavy burden. With solar power in NJ and NY, you can eliminate your high energy bills and experience immediate as well as long-term savings, for years to come. Besides for the significant electric savings, solar system also increases your property’s value. Solar systems can be very expensive; however we have the capabilities to work out a plan that is unique to each situation which can result in free solar power.

Commercial Solar Panels

Business owners understand the importance of keeping their expenses down. With the many financial incentives available today, soar systems have become the best alternative to save money on energy while getting a great return on your investment. Investing in a commercial solar panel system does not have to mean expending large amounts of capital. Our experts will come up with a creative plan, unique for your situation that will allow the company to see revenue from their commercial solar panels for years to come. Commercial solar systems have 3 main incentive components for commercial customers: NYSERDA or LIPA rebates in NY and SREC’s in NJ, Federal 30% ITC, 5 year MACRS depreciation.

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