Appliance Incentive

At Bid Energy we strive to assist our customers in saving money and tapping into the best deals possible, to provide peace of mind and maximum buying power.

To that end, Bid Energy has formed a strategic partnership with Park Avenue Appliance, an industry leader in residential and commercial appliance sales, to reward Bid energy clients with additional savings on virtually any home or commercial appliances they may need.

Residential customers who sign up for electric service through Bid Energy’s groups will receive a $50- $75 discount off a home appliance of their choice. This additional savings is our way of thanking our customers for taking advantage of our unparalleled energy services. Customers who take advantage of this additional incentive will see no change in their energy service price nor will their energy service be managed any less of an honorable way. Our commitment to our customers is rock-solid and that will never be changed.

Commercial and Multifamily owners who sign up for gas and electric services through Bid Energy will be able to tap into our buying power and purchase any appliances needed for their buildings at wholesale prices. Not only will they be saving untold amounts of money on their energy usage, they will further boost their bottom lines by tapping into the remarkable buying power of reduced appliance costs.

Bid Energy was built on a belief that putting the power into the hands of customers produces the best results, and that tradition continues to drive our mode of business, every step of the way.

Bid Energy Group: Driven by the Needs of Our Customers.

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