Bid Energy Group gives you the leverage for securing the most competitive bids by joining buying groups in your area, while giving you unbiased analysis for your property’s energy needs.

Choose your State and utility, choose the commodity you want to purchase, choose the length of the contract you want and contract type you are interested in.

Fill out a short form with your relevant information to join the buying group. You will be assigned to a group of prospective buyers looking for the very same options as you, in your area. Additionally, you will receive a confirmation email with a username and password.

Bid Energy Group will analyze the last 12 to 24 months of your electricity & natural gas usage data to determine your load profile.

Bid Energy Group will prepare a Request for Proposal for your buying group to pre-qualified suppliers serving your market.

You will receive an email with Suppliers, options and rates ,allowing you to analyze the auction results and make an informed decision.

You will confirm the contract you want and will receive it via email for you to sign and return to Bid Energy Group.

When contract is signed and returned via email or fax it will be uploaded onto your personal account page, and your usage history will be updated monthly.

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