FAQ - Why Switch?

Nothing Will Change…Besides For Your Lower Rates

Your power will still be delivered, as always, by your utility company and your bill will still come from them as well. Your utility company will continue to respond to outages or emergencies, as they have in the past. The only change you will notice is the amount you pay will be less, as you are getting the Bid Energy Group rate.

It’s Really Simple To Join a Group

It will literally take you a moment or two to sign up. You need to provide your name, account number on your utility bill and the property address. Once you sign up, you will remain part of the group even when it’s time to renew or receive better rates; you will not be required to repeat the process each time.

No Penalties

There are no hidden fees or penalties involved in switching to a Bid Energy group. The quote we give you is the exact amount you will pay. If you've previously switched to another supplier, you should check with them to determine if they have any early cancellation fees, as Bid Energy has no control over their fees and policies.

The Best Companies

We form strategic partnerships with reputable companies who have shown to excel in customer satisfaction and reliability. We stand behind the selection of companies we offer you and are confident that you will be satisfied with our choices.

Everything is Transparent; No Surprises

Bid Energy, in our never-ending effort to provide homeowners with real time savings, is constantly on the lookout for better deals, and as soon as such a deal presents itself, we pass it on to you. Commercial customers can expect their accounts to be updated monthly, with actual usage as well as rates.

When the renewal time arrives, we guarantee to provide the absolute best rates that will remain low and steady, and never give you “introductory rates” which go  up as time goes on, when you are not aware. The price we quote you may decrease, if we find you a better deal, but will never increase, for the duration of your term. Guaranteed.

FAQ about switching energy suppliers

My utility company services my heating and/or cooling system – How will changing to Bid Energy affect that?

It won’t. Your equipment service contract is completely separate from your energy service. Your coverage and service plan will not change one iota.

Will my utility company try to discourage me from switching to Bid Energy?

Not at all.  Due to government deregulation, your utility company only profits from delivering energy , not from producing or generating it, so they have nothng to gain by discouraging you from getting a better price from Bid Energy.

Will switching effect my budget plan that I have in place with my utility company?

No. Your utility company will still be the ones billing you for your energy, and any plan that was in place before switching to Bid Energy will remain in place after switching as well.

I signed up for the pre-pay program with my utility company. Will I now lose money by switching?

You will not lose even one Penny. Any  money that you paid into a pre-pay plan ( as well as any accrued interest) will continue to be applied to your bill, regardless of the energy supplier you choose.

I own more than one property. Will I need a separate Bid Energy Account for each one?

No. Once you set up a  Bid energy account, you can include as many of your properties as you want under the one account.


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